Bevo Pay Information

Information for Students

What is Bevo Pay?

Bevo Pay is an easy-to-use, cashless form of payment that allows students to purchase food, goods and services at 75+ on and off campus merchants with a swipe of their UT ID card. An active Bevo Pay account gives students buying power at dining locations on and off campus, markets, gas stations, vending machines, coffee shops, printing services and more. Some Bevo Pay merchants even deliver right to your door!

How Does It Work?

You will find all of the online services in UTDirect.

Go to the Bevo Pay Online Office and give us suggestions for merchants you would like to see added to the program.


Information for Parents

With Bevo Pay, your student has access to all the necessities of campus life--without the need to carry cash, checks or credit cards. Since Bevo Pay is a debit card, your student can never spend more than the deposited account balance. No more worries about cash withdrawals or credit card bills and interest payments!

There are no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements and any unspent funds rollover to the next semester and are refundable at graduation. Cash withdrawals are prohibited so some non-Bevo Pay funds should be available in case your student needs cash. Cardholder statements detailing every transaction are available electronically using the eProxy system.

A proxy is a person authorized to act for another person. An eProxy is someone who has obtained a UTEID and has been granted the authority to access another person's electronic records through the web services offered here at UT. An eProxy is authorized by service (so you may be authorized for one service but not another), and each authorization is valid for up to one year as specified by the granter. See the eProxy section below for more details.

Bevo Pay is a safe and convenient way to spend money. You and your student add funds to an account held by the University. Students can spend their funds at any participating merchant on or off campus.

Please note: the student's UTEID is required for all payment methods

How can I add money to my student's Bevo Pay account?

How can I give a gift of Bevo Pay to a current student?